Sita-warrior of mithila

In a world of the malyaputras and the vayuputras or in a world of the Vishnu and the Mahadeva, there is constant battle to choose the next one to be.

Yes, when guru vashishtha thinks lord ram to be the next Vishnu, guru vishwamitra believes sita to be the same.
Where women were always objectified and said to be tender and the one’s who always need protection, sita emerges as a warrior.

Sita, is the Prime Minister of Mithila, she is the one who can strike a tiger far away with a knife right into his throat and at the same time take care of her husband’s preferences!
Book 1 being about lord ram, book 2 is all about sita and her childhood. Her journey to become the next Vishnu. 

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Awaiting for the rest of the journey!
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The English girl

Gabriel allon! The guy with all of the memory and instincts that help him rule over. He is a spy, and undercover one. A son to an artist, Gabriel loves painting and is really good at it.

But, when an English girl, the president’s mistresses kidnapped from an island without a random call, it is Gabriel allon who is seemed out to carry out the operation to rescue her. 

But, while all the rescuing, Gabriel has to face his old devil thi guys again. Will he fight again? Oh! Yes he will. But, he is not able to save her.

you have to do your best to forget her.”

“I’m afraid I said something to the kidnappers that makes that impossible.”

“you threatened to kill them if them harmed her?”

Gabriel nodded.

“death threats are like vows of endless love whispered in the heat of passion—easily made, soon forgotten.”

“not when they’re made by me.”

-the English girl.

But, that does that make him leave the operation? No! 
He is going find the killer, and make him pay for killing an innocence cent girl! A girl who never deserved death! 

It is more to the story, then a kidnap. It is about the two political conflicts among the countries. It is about the altar over oil and natural gas companies. It is about Gabriel all on and his past.

Daniel Silva, has a great wordpower and story telling that leaves you spell bound. And when, it’s Gabriel allon, all you need is popcorn and a coke to go with! 


This is not your story

A story would always be incomplete without the one you can finally be happy with. Yes, it is not an end, until you are satisfied with what ever you have. 

Savi Sharma with her second book ‘this is not your story’s has amazingly portrayed story of young men and women.

Shaurya, a CA student. Miraya, an interior designer. Anubhav, an aspiring entrepreneur. Kasturi, shaurya’s neighbour and a dear friend.
you seem so confident,’ I said, my eyebrows raised high, feeling sceptical at his words. ‘risks can often land you I. A far worse situation.’

‘True,’ he nodded, his grin widening. ‘but, then again, the weight of regret and asking yourself what if, down the road is afar more haunting to one’s soul. What if i took that chance? Well, if the worst that happens is that you have to come back home and pick up where you left off, at least you can stop wasting time on dreaming and wondering if it’s still a possibility.’ -pg24

Shaurya, is excellent at studies and knows he would do real well, at his CA exams. But, what is it that he wants to do instead? What is his dream after all? And around his story revolves all of others. 

Miraya, is depressed over her broken marriage whereas, anything is all mourning over his dead parents. And just like, iron cuts iron, both of them find refugee under each others company. But, would they ever confess?

Would shaurya confess his love for kasturi? Would he follow his dreams after all? 

Sometimes, you do not write your story, it writes you. You don’t choose your story, it chooses you.

Savi Sharma has taken this book with good composition of motivation and storytelling combined. 


Veronika decides to die

In a world where everyone struggles to survive whatever the cost, how could one judge those people who decide to die? 

No one can judge. Each person knows the extent of their own suffering, or the total absence of meaning in their lives. -pg13

Veronika, the girl who decides to die and swallows up number of sleeping pills. Why? Well,  she is bored of her monotonous life and feels the need to leave this world. 

But, she survives. Indeed she makes it to Vilette, the place where all the mad people are treated.

Who does she meet there? 

Well, there is a depressed lady, an advocate who is cures and still prefers to live at the hospital. Marie. 

Zedka, the girl who left her role as mistress and married someone who loved her more. But, did she love her?  Well, no! And years later,  she was devasted, and surely made her way to the hospital and never left. 

Who else?

Eduard,  a schizophrenic. A wanna be painter, who falls in love with Veronika. 
 But, is Veronika here to survive? 

No, she is going to die, as the doctor said. 

“I would say that if someone only has a short time to live and decides to spend that time sitting beside a bed, watching a man sleeping, then that must be love.” -pg146.

What is it that waits for Veronika? 

And Eduard? Will he survive? 

The story of a girl and her recover post a suicide attempt. It takes a strong heart to follow what they really want, and this is what death teaches her, Marie, zedka and Eduard. 

Paulo Coelho and his immense knowledge of visions inspire me to be what I am. Thank you for such amazing works.


Someone like you

A story of a girl, niharika. From being studious and being in her own skin, niharika gets a makeover for her college from her sister.

Yes, she is now a pretty one with mascara filled eyes and lovely eyes.

Three minutes is all it takes. If the first three minutes make you feel something about the guy who you meet for the first time, you should hang on to that feeling. The first minute is usually devoted to how the person looks, the second one is how the person behaves with other people and the third one is what the person makes you feel about yourself. Pg35

Amongst all the things she could fall in love with, she found only problems waiting for her. And then, it was one man that led everything just right!

From rich, spoiled Akshat to the ever so rough and hot karthik, niharika finds it difficult to know who she truly needs and wants.

And among all this times, Tanmay and pia, her best friends are here to stay by her side. Are they staying?


‘say it, ‘he says. Strangely, the sheer arrogance in his attitude makes me love him more.

‘now-kiss me! ‘ he says. 

‘now you’re pushing your luck!’

‘okay, okay!’ he laughs, blows a kiss to me and turns back to the field. Pg243

A story of love, betrayal, friendship and decisions to make. Someone like you is indeed durjoy Dutta and Nikita Singh’s tale to leave you with a world of friendship that lasts and stands by your side.

The Devil and Miss Prymn

Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight between good and evil? 

Yes, good is obvious to win. But,  what is it that good takes to make a win amongst an evil that is stronger than ever?

Viscos is a small town with visitors coming over to hunt. Children’s are sent away to cities to study. And you would always find the town silent.

At the entrance stays Berta, a widow who could talk to spirits. His husband and Chantal’s grandmother.

Chantal? The only young lady in the town. Works at the hotel since ages and could only dream of being rich. 

But, one fine day, a stranger comes in town with 11 gold bars and offers them to the people of the town on one condition.

Not a single voice in the crowd was raised against the choice. The mayor was glad because they had accepted his authority; but the priest knew that this could be a good or a bad sign, because silence does not always mean consent-usually all it meant was that people were incapable of coming up with an immediate response. If someone did not agree, they would later torture themselves with the idea that they had accepted without really wanting to,and the consequences of that would be grave. ” pg165

To kill any human in the town of 279 people.

Who would they kill? 

Who would be the prey? 

Who would be the killer? 

In this town of hunters, where is hunting is only attraction for tourists, would it be so easy to kill a random human being for the prosperity of the town?

Is it easy to kill? 

Can good prevail through evil intentions? 

A story of good and evil.

Paulo Coelho indeed has a world of imagination and words that inspire you through a life time.

And, for choosing between good and evil, i feel “it was all a matter of control. And choice. Nothing more and nothing less” -pg197


Book 3 of The Aryavarta Chronicles.

“he’s right you know.” panchali walked into the tent, flashing an understanding glance at yuyudhana. “I’ve told you this before Govinda. I’m not worth it.”

“let me be the judge of that, panchali”

“it’s too great a debt to bear.”

“it is I who is in your debt.” govinda took her hands in his. “I failed you when you needed me the most. I wasn’t there when dharma wagered you. I wasn’t there to stop him, to stop Dussassan and vasusena. Sometimes I think I’ve failed you from the very first day I saw you… Failed to protect what you’ve stood for.

War is upon the realm. But what is it that they are fighting for? The throne? The divine order? The right and the wrongs? The vengeance of the humiliation panchali suffered?


It is the war for the humanity.

It is now the time for a change, because Govinda Shauri is determined to bring the revolution like never before. He will make the humanity rise.

Mahabharata told like never before. The imagination and story telling of the author leaves a gripping thought from the beginning till the end. Thank you for such a wonderful read!