Thirteen reasons why 

What do you do when you know you have lost all your hope to live your life?

Well, you don’t loose it in a day, or week it goes along a lot of time period, with a lot of distinctive reasons caused by people! And, guess what? All the hurt you gather is because of the people you tend to be friends with, people you know and people you feel are good in general! 

As, the title justifies, it is the story of a girl, Hannah Baker; and she gives 13 reasons, including 13 different people who led her to take this decision to end her life!
All, i would like to say is, don’t give up on what you know is yet to come! But, who knows what is to come? Can you give up on all of the hope you have in your heart, so soon?

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The pilgrimage

So, apparently it is not as such that only the saints do pilgrimage. For when Paulo Coelho went along the path of the pilgrimage to Santiago, it all came for him to learn the lessons he did cherish for a life time.

Guided by a companion, Paulo goes in search of his messenger, a sword and the truth of his own life.

Everything in our surrounds rejoined an uneasy peace, the peace of a world that was still in the process of growing and being created – a world tat seemed to know that, in order to grow, it had to continue moving along, always moving along. Great earthquakes and killer storms might make nature seem cruel, but I could see that these were just the vicissitudes of being on the road. Nature itself journeyed, seeking illumination. -pg39

And along the road, the author indulges himself in fighting his inner fears, so as to overcome his greatest fear! 

over and above the physical forces that surround us and help us, there are basically two spiritual forces in our side: an angel and a devil. The angle always protects us and is a divine gift – you do not have to invoke him. 

The devil is an angel too, but he is free, rebellious force. When we let him loose, his tendency is to disperse himself. When we become fascinated by his power, he owns us and keeps us from fighting the good fight. -pg79

And, in the end it is indeed about fighting all you have within yourself, so as to overcome a better version of yourself. It is about accepting change and believing in yourself.

Every book of Paulo Coelho ends in a lesson for a lifetime. With his words comes an inspiration that puts an amazing effect on a individual. And surely, I am not of those, inspired by his words, his books and his imaginations.