Into the water

A few minutes is what it takes for a person to die, breathe their last while drowning into the water!
This exceptionally well written thriller by Paula Hawkins is indeed a suspense to kill for! How would you not want to know, How Daniel abbot; a writer, single mother and immensely great swimmer died by drowning into a pool?
But, she was aware of what was coming while she dug into the stories of the past, stories of the ladies who died while drowning in that pool by the cliff!

But, how does it takes it all to nel? How is she dead anyways? Did she really commit suicide like it has been known to the police?

No! She was murdered! And that’s where the thrill kicks in! Let’s find out, how all of those dead bodies found one after other from the pool are linked together! -komalsurti01.09
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The English girl

Gabriel allon! The guy with all of the memory and instincts that help him rule over. He is a spy, and undercover one. A son to an artist, Gabriel loves painting and is really good at it.

But, when an English girl, the president’s mistresses kidnapped from an island without a random call, it is Gabriel allon who is seemed out to carry out the operation to rescue her. 

But, while all the rescuing, Gabriel has to face his old devil thi guys again. Will he fight again? Oh! Yes he will. But, he is not able to save her.

you have to do your best to forget her.”

“I’m afraid I said something to the kidnappers that makes that impossible.”

“you threatened to kill them if them harmed her?”

Gabriel nodded.

“death threats are like vows of endless love whispered in the heat of passion—easily made, soon forgotten.”

“not when they’re made by me.”

-the English girl.

But, that does that make him leave the operation? No! 
He is going find the killer, and make him pay for killing an innocence cent girl! A girl who never deserved death! 

It is more to the story, then a kidnap. It is about the two political conflicts among the countries. It is about the altar over oil and natural gas companies. It is about Gabriel all on and his past.

Daniel Silva, has a great wordpower and story telling that leaves you spell bound. And when, it’s Gabriel allon, all you need is popcorn and a coke to go with!